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Doula (Birth and Postnatal)

My teaching approach is inspired by freedom of movement and the creation of a yoga practice that responds to the individual needs of your body. I will encourage you to cultivate deep body awareness, which will allow you to develop a truly nourishing practice. My focus is on slow and intuitive movement, observation of breath and the emotions that arise during practice. I am intrigued by the therapeutic quality of yoga, its ability to alter mental states, and its capacity to improve emotional wellbeing and awareness.  

What people say

  • Laura

    Karolina’s focus on emotions in yoga makes her sessions a truly holistic practice for the body and for the mind.

  • Kate

    I cannot believe how different I feel just after a few sessions with you. I am so much calmer and yet energised at the same time. Thank you for all the advice on breath, I feel that it’s really helping.

  • Claire, Exeter

    Thank you for last night’s yoga. Today is the first morning in ages that I have woken up without a back pain. I feel so rested.

  • Kevin

    I was really worried about starting a yoga class, but Karolina’s open and welcoming attitude gave me the confidence to give it a go and continue.

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