Massage therapy draws on a number of techniques from many traditions, combining them with the massage therapist’s natural sensitivity to meet the needs of each individual. This means whether you are looking for deep relaxation, relief from pain or to be left feeling revitalised and renewed, a massage treatment is perfectly suited to you. 

Holistic Swedish massage can benefit our bodies in many ways, but primarily it reduces muscle tension, improves circulation, increases joint stability and flexibility, and improves skin tone.  

Holistic Massage, offered at Nest of Nourishment, goes beyond the physical benefits listed above. It offers a safe space to soothe and quieten a busy mind and reconnect with oneself. This type of massage reduces stress hormones, improves mood, and lessens anxiety, whilst positively influencing sleep. The treatment can be combined with a mini session of Restorative Yoga upon request. 

Only organic products (oils and essential oils) are used to assist the treatments.


If you have any problems booking your massage please contact me directly.


  • Pregnancy Massage70min £50
  • Ayurvedic Pregnancy Massage with Hot Oil 60min £55
  • Bespoke Holistic Massage 90min £65
  • Bespoke Holistic Massage 60min £50
  • Bespoke Holistic Targeted Area Massage 30min £30